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Fast Facts:

  • Origin: Biblical
  • Role: Messenger
  • Symbols: Wings, Halos
  • Orders: 9

Who Is Angel?

Angels are heavenly beings which have been a pillar in many religions. They serve as messengers of God. Some believe that angels are here to guard and protect us. Usually shown as human figures with wings and dressed in long, flowing robes, angels are some of the most recognizable figures throughout the world.


Angels have different purposes to different people. They are considered to be divine beings who serve as messengers of God, exchanging messages between heaven and earth. They are known for their purity and virtue.

For many, angels bring them comfort during troubling or fearful times. There are countless stories of angels visiting the earth and protecting or guiding humans.


Angels have always been a part of religion. They serve as a source of comfort for many and are mentioned throughout both the Old and New Testament several times. Angels are a creation of God and serve many purposes, both in heaven and on the earth.


There are nine orders of angels, all which give us a little insight into their purpose and duties.


Seraphim is the name given to the highest order of angels. They sit before God’s throne and praise him. They are said to have three sets of wings, one which covers their faces, another which covers their feet, and the last set used for flying.


Cherubim are the second highest order of angels. They are assumed to be manlike in appearance and guardians of God’s glory. The New Testament says that they will be attendants during the Apocalypse. Today, they are known in the Catholic religion as having an intimate knowledge of God.


The Thrones are a unique group of angels. They can be found in an area of the cosmos where they help other lower groups of angels access God. They are known for their humility, drive for peace, and complete submission to God.


Dominions regulate and supervise the actions of other angels. They are known as the commands of God and also the Angels of Leadership.


Virtues control the elements. They control nature, including the seasons, skies, and the sun. They are in charge of miracles and promote courage and grace. They are sometimes known as the Shining Ones.


Powers fight evil and protect both humans and the cosmos. They are known as Warrior Angels and fight the evil spirts who want to destroy humans and their spirits. The name of the leader is either Camael or Samael, who is an angel of darkness.


Archangels are some of the more recognizable angels. Many know of Michael and Ezekiel, though there are seven in total. They are the most frequently mentioned orders of angels in the Bible and have delivered God’s message in some of the most famous biblical stories.


The Principalities are a unique order of angels. In the New Testament, they were described as a metaphysical being but they are now considered to be hostile to both humans and God.


Though their name isn’t as specific, this order refers to angels that are the closest to humans, both in appearance and proximity. They deliver humans’ prayers to God and then bring God’s messages back to humans. They are able to access all the other angels when needed. They are known to be caring and social, helping humans during their times of need.


Angels do not marry or have families. They are creations of God and do not have traditional parents. They also do not have children. But they do live in units, which might be recognizable by humans as families.


The mental image most have of angels isn’t entirely accurate. While the large wings, golden halos, and long, flowing gowns are synonymous with angels, there are no Biblical descriptions of what angels really look like. Angels are classified as spirit beings. They don’t have a physical form. They do take up space, so they do have a form. It’s just not known what their description is. However, the Bible does say that there are several variations of angelic forms, both in heaven and on the earth.


There are many symbols associated with angels, some which are designated to special types of angels. For example, angel outlines, such as those found in clouds, are associated with guardian angels. Wings also are linked to guardian angels, along with swords.

Pennies have become a symbol of angels. Many believe that angels leave pennies behind for humans as a sign of their concern. Feathers are said to symbolize blessings from angels.

Halos are also a common symbol, typically included in costumes. Many believe that angels don’t necessarily have halos, but instead emit an aura that’s brighter than the human eye can recognize.