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Shark Navigator Lift-Away Comparisons: Shark NV360 vs. Shark NV356E
Shark Navigator Lift-Away Comparisons: Shark NV360 vs. Shark NV356E
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Shark is well-known for making the best upright vacuums in the market, with innovative technology and improved cleaning features. While there are many great Shark vacuums out there, the Shark navigator lift away upright vacuum is an excellent vacuum cleaner for most homes with carpets and hardwood floors.


In these Shark navigator lift-away vacuum reviews, we will break down the differences and similarities between Shark's two best models: Shark Navigator Lift Away NV360 and Shark Lift Away Vacuum Cleaner NV356E. Both models are similar in many aspects since they come from the same Shark navigator series. However, there are distinctive differences that will help you pick the right one for your cleaning needs.


What is a Shark navigator lift-away bagless upright vacuum?


 Shark lift away vacuums are the more mid-range, affordable series of Shark cleaners. You can use them as upright vacuums and canister vacuums with detachable canister features. The Shark lift away vacuum cleaner is lightweight, versatile, and easy to use.


You can set up the machine and start cleaning in a few minutes. As a complete upright unit, the Shark navigator weighs 13.7 pounds. However, after getting the canister removed, the weight is only 8 pounds, making it easier to carry around the house.


 All models of the Shark navigator lift away bagless upright vacuum cleaner includes a HEPA filtration system and Anti Allergen Complete Seal technology which prevent dirt and particles from going back in the air. You can switch the cleaning modes when moving from  carpets to hard floors to avoid scratching the surfaces. 


With powerful suction and impressive swivel steering control, this vacuum proves that it can perform well on both rugs and hard floors. The extra-long power cord lets owners clean conveniently in large houses and hallways. 


Some models of shark navigator lift upright vacuum: NV352, NV355, NV356E, NV356K, NV357, NV358, NV360, NV370, NV391, NV391C.




Shark navigator lift away reviews - Benefits


 Great for Large Homes


All Shark Navigator Lift Away vacuums include a super-long power cord and a prominent dust cup which are ideal for cleaning large spaces. The extra attachments are an excellent addition for above-flooring usage, such as stairs, drapes, window sills, upholstery, and furniture.




Nothing's better than getting two vacuums at the price of one. With the Shark Navigator series, you can remove the canister from the bottom base and use it as a canister vacuum. Many owners said they were happy with this convertible feature that allows them to use the machine as an upright and a canister cleaner.




Compared to other upright vacuums, the innovative Shark navigator lift-away is much lighter. If you love a lightweight yet powerful vacuum machine, this model won't let you down.


Large Dirt Cup Capacity


Most shark vacuums include large dirt cups. This feature lets you clean for a more extended period without having to empty the dustbin regularly. 


Anti Allergen Complete Seal


Our favorite feature of the Shark Navigator Lift Away vacuum is the anti allergen complete seal and HEPA filter that ensures no particles escape out of the machine.


 Shark - Navigator Lift-Away Bagless Upright Vacuum Comparisons: Shark NV356E Vs. Shark NV360


These two models are strongly similar in several aspects, such as their build quality and modern designs. Let's talk about their similarities and differences in the section below.


Build Quality


Both Shark navigator lift away NV360 and the Shark NV356E feature durable and high-quality material such as ABS plastic. Shark is a reputable brand for making one of the most durable vacuum cleaners in the world. You can count on your Shark vacuum to last for a good few years before it wears out. Some owners reported that their Shark lift away vacuums are in good condition even after six or seven years. 




The Shark NV356E is available in similar colour tones: white and silver, while the NV360 comes in blue. They are both made of the same dimension: 45.5 inches tall, 14.9 inches wide, and 11.4 inches deep. Although they might look similar, the NV360 is lighter at 12.5 pounds compared to 13.7 pounds of the NV356E. The two models feature lift-away mode, which lets you "lift" the canister away and clean spaces that are hard to reach.


Cleaning Technology


These two models feature different motor and power suctions. The NV360 uses a maximum power consumption of 1200W motor and 10A rated current, while the Shark NV356E includes a lower power of 1100W and 10A.


Power Cord


The Shark NV360 features a shorter cord length of twenty-five feet, whereas the NV356E got a 30-foot power cord. Most owners prefer a longer power cord; however, if you live in a small apartment, a 25-foot power cord will give you enough space to move around comfortably.


 Hose Length


 The hose length of the Shark NV360 is 8.5 feet, which is longer than the NV356E's hose length of 5 feet. If you clean in the living room or hallways, a 5-foot hose is probably not sufficient. This upgraded feature of the Shark NV360 makes up for its shorter power cord and lets you reach underneath low furniture or any hard-to-reach places with ease.


The Swivel Steering


Both models come with swivel steering for excellent control around obstacles and furniture.


The Dust Cup


Dust cup capacity is an essential feature that most vacuum owners need to consider before buying. This part is where the machine stores the dirt and debris, so the bigger the dust cup, the better. Here, we can see the differences in the dust cup capacity of the two models.


Shark NV360 can only hold up to 1.2 dry quart capacity, whereas the NV356E contains a much larger dust holder of 2.2 dry quarts. It will be more comfortable to have a larger dust cup, and you won't have to empty it as often.




There are several helpful attachments you can purchase with a Shark navigator lift away vacuum cleaner. Let's see which accessories come with these two different models. The NV356E has more extensions than the NV360. However, it depends on which tools you need most. The Shark NV360's pet turbo brush will be an excellent addition for families who own pets. If you need to clean hard-to-reach areas or narrow spaces, the NV356E 8 inches crevice tool will come in handy.




Shark NV356E

  • 8 inches crevice tool
  • Dusting brush
  • Hard floor attachment
  • Wide upholstery tools
  • Pet hairbrush
  • Washable pads.


Shark NV360

  • Crevice tool
  • Motorized floor brush
  • Dusting Brush
  • Pet turbo brush.




The Shark Navigator Lift away upright vacuum NV360, and NV356E are available at affordable prices. The Shark Navigator Lift Away are budget-friendly vacuums with excellent performance. 


Final Words


Thank you for reading our Shark navigator lift away vacuum reviews. We hope that after this article, you can decide which Shark navigator lift away is the best for your cleaning needs, whether it is the NV360 or the NV356E. Let us know which vacuums you would like us to review next!


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