Who is Azazel?

Azazel is a fallen angel whose evil influence led to the corruption of humanity. Because he was a leader among the fallen angels, the Jewish Book of Enoch commands its readers to “ascribe all sin” to him.


Physical Description

Originally, Azazel was one of heaven’s angels, a gloriously beautiful man with wings on his back. When he sympathized with Satan, he was cast down to earth and became one of the “fallen angels.” Presumably, the evil that he spread as a fallen angel corrupted his beauty as well. By the time he became a major character in Jewish and Christian texts, he had taken on a demonic appearance.

The Dead Sea Scrolls describe Azazel as a demon

“chained to the rough and jagged rocks of Ha […] in utter darkness,”

while the Apocalypse of Abraham describes him as a carrion bird, a serpent, and as a demon with

“hands and feet like a man’s and on his back six wings on the right and six on the left.”

Today, like many demons, Azazel is drawn with red skin, glowing yellow eyes, and a barbed tail. He may also be found wearing goat skulls or dressed in goat bones, since Jewish desert tribes once sacrificed goats to him.


From the start, Azazel was one of heaven’s most powerful and clever angels. When God created man, Azazel revealed that he had a rebellious streak too, as he refused to bow to man and objected,

“Why should God create a human being, who will shed blood and confusion, while the angels prostrate before him and sing his glory day and night?”

In response to this defiance, God cast Azazel and many other angels down to earth. The punishment didn’t stop Azazel’s rebellion. He became a leader of the Grigori, a group of angels who married mortal women and produced a line of monstrous children. Then, he began teaching evil to humans. He taught men the art of warfare and of weapon-making, and he taught women “the art of deception,” which involved making and wearing cosmetics. Finally, he began teaching humans about witchcraft. His influence was so disastrous that, in the Book of Enoch, God says,

“The whole earth has been corrupted through the works that were taught by Azazel: to him ascribe all sin.”

Cultural Representation

In Judaism

For early Semitic tribes, Azazel (literally “strong one against God”) was a very real force of evil. It was common for them to make sacrifices to Azazel at the same time that they made sacrifices to their god, Yahweh. As described in the Hebrew Bible, Azazel’s sacrifices were made by driving a goat into the desert wilderness or by pushing it into a deep ravine. These sacrifices were not meant to honor Azazel as a deity; rather, they symbolized the people sending their sins back to their original source.

The Dead Sea Scrolls, the Book of Enoch, and the Apocalypse of Abraham provided more details about how Azazel came to earth, what he did to spread sin on earth, and how he was punished by God.

In Christianity

Azazel is a less well-known figure among Christians, since the Latin and English versions of the Bible translated his name as “scapegoat” or “wasteland.” Seventh Day Adventists acknowledge Azazel as Satan’s right-hand man and claim that a special kind of torment awaits him on the Day of Judgment.

In Islam

Muslim tradition takes the story of Azazel even farther back, to the days when he ranked among the good angels. Some scholars believe that he was among the most wise and noble angels and that he fought against the jinn who lived on earth before humans. Others believe that he was a jinn who, as a reward for fighting against other jinn, was allowed to enter heaven and be called an angel.

Unfortunately, his position of honor made him arrogant, and when God created man, he refused to bow down to the new creation. For this reason, he was cast back to earth and became a plague on men.

Modern Appearances

Today, Azazel is not very well-known. He is only mentioned in the Bible twice, and very few people read the additional Jewish and Christian texts that provide more information about him.

A few works of fantasy have tipped their hats to Azazel. For example, he appears as a villain in X-men, Fallen, and Sandman.

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  1. Do you have any modern day accounts of any humans who may have had some sort of interaction with Azazel? I am curious to know because it is of a personal matter to myself and my husband, and we would be interested in hearing anyone’s story who may have had any encounters with this entity.
    Thank you

    • Yes i have, he has followed me every since i married my wife which I’m no longer with and i believe he has hidden himself from me since i realized who he was. He revealed himself to me about five years ago and he has caused nothing but chaos in my life ever since.

    • Azazel is deceased. Search NO MORE. He hasn’t existed for thousands of years. Dedicate your lives to the CREATOR. How could you be so foolish.

      • Azazel was bound and thrown in a whole in the desert with rocks on him. He is not deceased. If you ask me that’s the grand canyon. The only place that has a hole in the desert with jagged rocks on it.

    • It’s not about the spirit himself, it is about encounter his “influence”… Prideful or aggressive usage of weaponry and prideful usage of cosmetics.. Anytime you encounter someone wearing cosmetics to glorify their own appearance, you are encountering Azazel.. Likewise, anytime you see someone using weapons for anything other than defending the causes of God, you are seeing Azazel.. I hope this helps you… Be blessed..

    • Yes I have had an encounter with him. Several years ago when my friend and I were messing with an ouji board and this spirit was talking to us. He said he was a good spirit and that he could trust us. Several days later we used the board in a different location and it was the same spirit. He said that he had been following me for the pat several days. When we asked why he was following me, his response was; “good”. These spirits follow good souls and try to get them. Never give in.

    • Michael Finley on

      The book of Enoch say that he has been bound in chains and darkness until the day of judgement. I wouldon’t see how anyone could have contact with him.

    • He came to me in a dream, he was protecting me from a Demon. He appear as a big black wolf with yellow eyes and chased the demon from my house. I was screaming his name to help me and he did. After that dream I thought he was my gardian angel or something so I started to check online to know about him but according to the articles I read he would be mean with humans but why protecting me in my dreams? Im so confused… It was such an amazing but weird experience..

      • he has approached me in dreams as a protector as well. but as of late he causes me nothing but confusion and pain.

      • Azazel is a negative force per his choice in God’s creation plan. He is cunning by description. He could do something positive to get you to accept him as good. He’ll turn the tide on you and bring you calamity later.

      • Azrael! Arch angel azrael!! Angel of death been working w him for 6 months now. Very awesome som bitch!!

      • To gain your trust fool. The more you call on him the more distraction you will see. Unless you worship him then of course he will give you what you want. But fire is what you will receive in the end. Stay sharp stay awake.

    • micheale garrett on

      Yes I’ve encountered Azazel since birth. More so since my curiosity in the fallen angels and reading the Book Of Enoch. Mind you he is not to be taken light hardily!! He obviously has something he wants you to know. I have found it best to let him tell you. He was once God’s most cunning and vicious angels!! He did not understand God’s creation in humans and was hurt that God’s angels did not provide enough praise and love to God. Azazel came to earth to provide art in war and what we call witchcraft. He also married a human woman and bore children with her. In the Book of Enoch it states that it broke God’s heart to not allow Azazel back into heaven and he was to be disgraced for helping humans. It also states that he was cast in a pit bound with chains. God told him not to weep for he has not abandoned him…. So yes he’s real. Yes he can still manipulate us humans. Put forth your trust in God!! And know that God is the creator OF ALL BEINGS!! If you would like let Azazel know that this is your true belief!!! If he approaches you still…maybe you should listen to him. You can listen but worship is a whole different thing. If you have any questions please feel free to reply.

      • Reference: Paradise Lost – Azazel, Line 534 thru 600…
        1) Azazel is described as Satan, and Satan “forthwith” is noted no more than a mere enemy, “not as the Devil or Lucifer” or moreover “the primary principality of darkness”.
        2) Milton is apparently describing Azazel as calling on all Angel’s and Mortals who are willing to follow him to whatever end, either, “out of fear” or “dedication”.
        What is written is… Better to reign in Hell then to serve in Heaven?
        Lucifer’s demiurge, tumultuous hubris, and abject defiance, should bring awareness to the upcoming fall of Paradise…yet, lacking faith and trust, along with disobedience lead by the conniving words of a serpent,
        original sin prevails.
        Paradise Lost!
        There is so much more…
        Please write/email…

    • When his being was broken out of his prison, I became his first host. I was only in denial for a short period of time. Our bond changed my personality,my memory, my opinions, and everything else. I didn’t sacrifice all that was required to keep containing him as my soul, so he moved on and has recently been removed of his genitals by angels when he was caught. His recovery is not progressing. I miss his purely evil ass. He has much more to tell humanity but someone wants him quiet.

    • Be careful about saying these things. You don’t want to play with forces you can’t undetstand.

      Sinsearly- a Satanist

      • A Satanist(?),
        To pursue GOD, our Creator, we have to SURRENDER to Him and He will guide our paths.
        Satan and his legions will tempt you w pleasure of the flesh and vices and self POWER. It’s all very gratifying..BUT, Satan has come to lie, kill and destroy. BUT this brief sense of POWER is gone after our death. You will He a slave in a burning Hell Fire for eternity.
        Christians surrender and are given gifts of the Spirit. Our eternity is rewarded in love and peace in heaven.
        God open his eyes and Spirit to Your Truth. In Jesus name.

    • Can i discuss this more with you for the same reasons to hear your accounts? My fiance also is struggling with such we believe may be this.

    • Yesterday while talking with people in the chat from YouTube show-“LiveSci-fi” there was a guy in there saying how he communicates with Azazael & has the knowledge of Alistair Crowley & stuff

  2. Linda Armstrong on

    Is he loved at all by any good being Is he’The wise a serpant’ spoken if in the Bible’How best to oppose him. Is it try he unity of praise and obedience to God?

  3. whats if the azazel have been betrayed by the God..The Almighty He the only One dont want the Azazel know the secret of the future.

    • God does BETRAY! We chose to leave Him. He’ll let us go.
      There is a supernatural world. Some of you have watched too many TV programs uplifting evil. It attracts you. Get out as soon as possible. Eternity is forever. There is an unpardonable sin.
      This is not fun and games.
      Love and peace w Jesus. Sex is not a god. It is for our pleasure in marriage for procreation.

  4. Azazel has been following me since my birth I believe… One of my father’s friends told him that once when I was walking as a teenager he saw a huge dark winged angel following me close behind. Wierd or what that name always pops into my head is he truly wicked as I heard he loved his human wife?

  5. What if the bibke is q lie to ceep you down from becoming one. I dont belive in and of those 3 Abraham religion with the Jews as nr 1. The Jews are the seedade of the serpent and Saturnus the black sun

  6. I spent a year with Azazel as he possessed my husband. He came first as wise wanting to teach, a friend, a powerful companion. He is seductive, manipulative, and cunning. He was set on destroying my husband, he tormented and abused his body, used him to do awful things. He kept me hostage by threatening to kill my husband and stop his heart on a daily basis; by cutting him if I didn’t entertain him. He would sexually violate me using my husband’s body as a vessell and threaten to tell my husband I was cheating on him with a fallen angel if I didn’t comply. He loved to talk. He happily shared knowledge with me and urged me to ask him questions. He would talk for hours at a time until his vessel, my husband would become too weak to host him. He would take whatever he wanted and did not live by rules of man or care about consequences. He would choke me when he would arrive, he threatening to rearrange my face with a hammer while holding it up to my face, he nearly threw me throw a window and he lifted me and held my up against a wall by the neck, he ripped my husband out of bed and threw him across the room, he has left marks on both out bodies. He did all this until I no longer confronted him when he would arrive. He can speak any language, make his voice sound like anyone or anything. He is pure evil and makes you believe is he beautiful. He is nothing less than deceiving so that even with all the abuse there is something attractive about him. He makes you think you are special yet at the same time worthless. No matter how much I rebuked him he would not leave permanently. We went through a year of his abuses, my husband never remembering his visits and only hearing about it from me and the audio and video I provided him and the multiple cuts, bruises and burns to his body and multiple trips to the er with no recollection of what happened. He still tries to visit. He did less than a man ago. He is angry with me and tries to manipulate when he visits by callling me his dearest and his old friend. He says that he apologized for his wrongs and why can’t we be friends still. He is angry becuase his “big brother” came to our aid and I chose to help his “big brother” cast him out by handing him over to him. He tried to tell me that his big brother was older and more powerful and that he, Azazel, had my best interest and my husbands best interest and that he wanted us to be closer. He did heinous things. He betrayed me using my husband. When he apologized he said, “What do you expect? I’m fallen. I have to be evil. It’s what I do.” He begged me not to tell his big brother about him, not to turn him over. His big brother is the only thing I have found that he is terrified of. He is resolved to the fact he losses in the end. But he is not interested in being hurt by his brother in the mean time. His big brother is strong, wise, kind, beautiful. He is a Holy Angel. He is a great warrior. He is a being to tremble in front of. His presence is powerful. I had the honor of getting to know him better. He came to our aid. He glorifies God and lives to serve the crown. I have not enough words to describe him. He would not tell me his name becuase he said that I would get too caught up in the fan fare of his name. But I know who he is and he is mighty indeed. I can only imagine the splendor of our Lord as I know that he is greater and more powerful than any of his creations.

  7. Micheale Garrett on

    Book of Enoch… Google Play Books… Free. Extremely deep. I advise to read Bible first. Book of Enoch is based in Genius.

  8. Archangel Azazel on

    I met a confused Azazel years ago.. he was first being awoken from the lake of hell 🔥. I blessed him and taught him the alchemical process of calcination. He promised to fulfill his oath of freedom, to fight for the holy creator on Earth with many armies. He agreed, he was dazzed and in much pain. I felt his presence yesterday and today. He will unlock the seal of babylon and restore his magical powers and unlimited armies of angelic Demons to banish the godless forever. Amen. Someone has to take the trash out.Hail Azazel. Jesus lead me to the fire. 717

  9. all of these comments about A being evil, or hurting people. ur all wrong about him! he has helped me so Manu times, he keeps his friends safe, so unless u actually know wat the fuck ur talking about maybe u should keep ur damn mouth shut. it not only pisses me off reading these comments but pisses HIM off too!

  10. All enemies of God show up defeated just know that they can only harm you if you give them (authority) . We have dominion over all creatures of the earth even so called fallen angels and demons. This is 100% accurate. Just remember
    God never took that gift back we just forgot over time. Wake up it’s time the battle has already started and we are Victorious from the beginning.

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